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On this site you can see the programs I created and the music I created (which is probably a lot more prominent these days).
You see my latest track below, click on music to see all of my tracks.

The Storm (Initial Recorded Piano Improvisation)


This piano recording is about a year old and I finally decided to come back to it and in the next few weeks/months follow my initial intentions to work on cleanly reconstructing it using some piano VSTs and then building some sort of post-rock-ish track around it.
Most of it is still just in my head, but I really want to return to making music with this :)
So in the meantime, here is the original recording - enjoy it and leave a comment :)

The original text I wrote about it:
A piano improvisation that I think could become a nice track someday - it would fit multiple genres I think.
Please excuse my little screw-ups and the low-quality recording.

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