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Speed8 (English, 2012)

A simple game inspired by the Android game SpeedX 3D. I created it during the project week at school, where I led a project about programming. I initially planned to venture into C programming, but after 2 days we decided use the remaining two mornings to create a simple game using the XNA framework in C#. We formed two teams, with one team trying to create a Tetris game and the other one trying to create this clone. As I was the one who suggested it, I tried building that game, too - and in the end we had two different versions of it.
The big difference between both versions was the way the managed the data. The other team used a dynamic list of "rings" (that contained obstacle data) the player was driving through and by removing them once passed and adding new ones at the end of the tunnel managed to create a fluid and endless gameplay, whereas I didn't manage the rings, but only the obstacles themselves (in a dynamic list) or rather their position on the ring (0-11) and their distance to the player, which gradually decreased every tick. That way the gameplay can be "endless" here, too, although the constantly increasing velocity will make that quite difficult ;-)

You can control the game with the arrow keys and access more controls by pressing [SPACE]. In the lower left corner there is your health bar (as you can survive 3 obstacles) and on the lower right the time you already survived (which serves as a highscore).

Download: Speed8
Speed8 (English, 2012) Screenshot

BooksDB (German and English, 2010)

Finally a program where I know that it's used (in our school library).

Creates a directory "db_data" in order to store the library (a HSQLDB database). The functions should be self-explainatory, if you try them ;-).

Download: BooksDB
BooksDB (German and English, 2010) Screenshot

CHEMformula (German, 2009)

How long have I been working on this... Sadly the last version (which finally worked fine) was lost with my harddisk's crash and so was my will to continue working on this project.

You can use it, however it is not easy or even comfortable to use and in this status not even useful...

The ZIP includes 7 different versions from the very first one on the command line to the newest one I have. If you're interested you can try fixing it or do something else with it, the source is included.

You need Java (Runtime Environment) in order to execute the .jar-file

Download: CHEMformula
CHEMformula (German, 2009) Screenshot

MatrixClock (international, 2009)

I just had the idea for this very special clock and a few hours later this is what I got.

The rows stand for months, days, hours, minutes and seconds, which are obviously coded as binary numbers, which you have to read fron left to right.

The (german) sourcecode is included in the JAR, if you really want to take a look. But I warn you, it's quite uselessly bloated.

You need Java (Runtime Environment) in order to execute the .jar-file

Download: MatrixClock
MatrixClock (international, 2009) Screenshot

Time 1.1 (German, 2008)

Better and far more flexible: Time 1.1!

In this new Version a lot of things can be done via the popup-configuration-menu: Display as window, font, background-color, a possibility to load and save these configurations, show current date and close.

Download: Time
Time 1.1 (German, 2008) Screenshot

Game of Life (English, 2008)

Classic: Conways "Game of Life"!
Simple to use, but absolutely sufficient:

By clicking on a field, it's state is inverted. "Next" means one step, on the right you can choose how many steps you want to go forward. "0" erases the whole field, "1" fills all cells. "Ran!" randomizes the state of all cells.

If you don't know about Conways "Game of Life", you're probably not interested in this program ;)

The ZIP contains the executable in 5 field sizes.

Download: Game of Life
Game of Life (English, 2008) Screenshot

Krypto 2.0 (German, but only a few words, 2008)

My probably most useful program: Krypto!
In Version 2.0 Krypto can encode and decode both Caesar and Vigenere!

Download: Krypto
Krypto 2.0 (German, but only a few words, 2008) Screenshot

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